Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Becky had calmed down by the time her sister, Connie, arrived. “Becky?” She looked at her.
“We haven’t heard anything. They are still in there.” Becky replied, numbly. “They won’t let me in.” She said. Mark was pacing in the hall. Becky looked at him and in the last twenty minutes he seemed to age ten years.
“Connie, I don’t know what to do. I should be in there.” Becky said.
“Becky, honey, you would be any help. You are a great doctor, but they are your children.” Connie said. The doors opened up and Samantha, the head trauma nurse, came out. Her scrubs were covered in blood as she pulled her mask off her face.
“Becky…Mark…” Mark rushed over to his wife’s side. “Andy is stable, we did loose her two times. She is being prepped to go upstairs to surgery.” She sighed, and continued, “She has massive internal injuries. She is awake for the moment, but she cannot talk. We had to intubate her because blood was blocking her airway. She has lost a lot of blood.” Samantha new what was coming next.
“What about Bell and Stacey?” Mark asked. Samantha did not want to break the news, but knew she had no choice.
“Belle is going to be okay, she has some nasty bumps and cuts. But nothing is broken and no internal injury. We had to give her a small sedative to calm her down.” Samantha said while she fidgeted with her facemask.
“And Stacey?” Becky managed to get out.
“Stacey suffered major internal injuries.” Samantha paused, “Mark…Becky…we did everything, but we just could not save her.” She caught Becky before she fell to the ground.
“NO! My baby!” Becky yelled. Mark and Connie knelt down with her.
“Becky, you have to be strong for Andy and Bell.” Connie whispered to her. Becky just sobbed.
“Mark, we have Stacey on a respirator. We need to know if you want to donate her organs.” Samantha said. “You don’t have to decide right away.” Mark nodded. “You can go in and see Andy before they take her up to surgery, and while she is awake.”
“Thank you.” Mark said numbly. He and Connie got Becky calmed down and they went in and saw Andy.

As they stood around Andy’s bed all they could hear was the sounds of the machines and respirator. The staff was very quiet as they watched them talk to Andy.
“Hi Sweetie.” Mark said as he brushed his hand across on her cheek. Her baby blue eyes looked up at him. The heart machine started buzzing.
“She’s just getting anxious because you are here. She’s okay.” Dr. Smith announced. Andy tried to open her mouth and Becky layed her hand on her daughter’s chest.
“No…no sweetie you can’t talk right now. We just want you to know you are going to be okay. We are here and your Aunt Connie is here also.” Becky stated softly.
“Hey sport.” Connie said. They all saw the single tear roll down Andy’s cheek. Becky chocked up but managed to stay calm.
“Andy, don’t you worry about anything. You are going to be okay. You hear me?” She said to her daughter. Becky felt Andy’s arm move, she looked down and saw Andy pointing to the room the twins were in.
“They are going to be fine.” Becky chocked out. “You just need to concentrate on getting yourself better.” She looked into Andy’s eyes. She knew that Andy knew she wasn’t’ telling her everything.
“Don’t you worry sweetie you’re in good hands.” Mark said. Becky felt Andy use her fingernails against her arm. She looked down and saw that she had traced “I love you” in her arm. Tears rolled down Becky’s cheeks.
“I love you very much baby.” She leaned down and kissed Andy on her forehead. As she did Andy’s eyes closed and her heart monitor started chirping, Becky jumped back.
“She’s flat lining.” Beck yelled. Dr. Smith gently pushed her out of the way. They took her off the respirator and bagged her. They shocked her once and when they did all three, Mark, Becky and Connie jumped. The machine started a slow beep, “I’ve got a pulse.” Samantha replied. Both Mark and Becky sighed a sigh of relief.
“We’ve got to get her to surgery.” With that they were off to the elevators, but Samantha stayed behind.
“We have moved Belle into a different room. Would you like to see her or Stacey first?” She asked. They both said Belle.

They entered the room and bell was raised up in her bed. Mark leaned over and kissed her tiny red haired head.
“Hi, baby.” He said.
“Daddy?” She asked through a groggy voice.
“Yes, Mommy and Aunt Connie are here also.” He replied. Becky took Belle’s small hand into hers.
“Hi, baby.” Becky said as she kissed her forehead.
“Mommy my head hurts.” Belle whimpered.
“I know baby, you’ve got a pretty nasty bump on your head.” Becky informed her, she pushed her red hair out of her eyes. They talked to Belle until she finally went to sleep. Then Samantha took them the room they had moved Stacey into. By this time Becky and Mark were both to exhausted to cry. They just took turns holding her and talking to her as the respirator breathed for her. They signed the form to donate her organs.
“She doesn’t have a scratch on her.” Becky whispered.
“She looks like a porcelain doll.” Connie replied.

They were in the waiting room waiting for Andy to come out of surgery, when a detective approached them.
“Mr. and Mrs. Jackson?” He asked. They both stood up and greeted him. Connie had gone down stairs earlier to meet their parents at the doors. “I’m Detective Riley, can we go somewhere to talk?” He asked. They followed him to a private room, and by this time Connie and Becky’s parents joined them.
“First of all I am so sorry for your loss.” He said.
“Thank You.” Mark replied.
“What happened?” Becky asked.
The detective directed the family to take a seat, and he sat across from them. “Well witnesses state that when the light turned green your daughter proceeded to enter the intersection. She was half way through when a truck from no where ran his red light.” He coughed and continued, “His speed forced your daughters vehicle to do a completed circle which made him fishtail, and his vehicle struck her for the second time and flipped it upside down.”
They all gasped in disbelief, and he continued.
“All three of your daughters were wearing their seat belts. We had to use the jaws of life to get Andy and Stacey out. We were able to get Belle out through her window.” He coughed again, which was starting to get on Becky’s nerve.
“We have arrested the man for driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter.” He stated. “The reason I am revealing this to you is because of your daughter Andy’s skating career. The news stations have been broadcasting the story all evening. We will be releasing and official statement to them in a about a half hour. I just wanted to warn you and your family.” They talked for a few more minutes, and he stood up and nodded.
“Thank you detective.” Mark stated as they shook hands.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Thunder rumbled in the far distance, and the clouds were growing darker with each second that passed by. Andy was trying to get across town to pick up her younger sisters from their gymnastics practice and get home before the storm made it’s way into town. She pulled into the parking lot and with the car still running she jogged into the gymnastics studio.
When she got into the studio the coach had all the girls in a circle. Andy knew she was just on time. She slipped into the crowd of waiting parents.
“Remember girls we have a major competition coming up in two weeks.” All the girls got restless with excitement; the coach calmed them down and continued. “This means that starting tomorrow we will have practice for three hours. You all need to be here and ready to go at two – thirty everyday.” With that she clapped her hands and dismissed the young girls, who ages range from eight to eleven years old.
Andy saw two redheaded girls running towards her. “Andy did you hear that?” One of them asked.
“I sure did, you both will do great.” She smiled at the both of them. “It’s getting ready to storm, so hurry up and get your bags.” They both ran and did as she said.
Andy was much older than her sisters. They were both ten and she was nineteen. Their parents tried for years to add to their family when Andy was little, but they finally just gave up. Then one day SURPRISE pregnant with twins. Anastasia who everyone called Stacey, and Annabelle who everyone called Belle where born on Andy’s ninth birthday. With everyone’s hectic schedule Andy did most of the watching and running with the twins.
They got into Andy’s car and headed home, which was a twenty-minute drive into the middle of nowhere. “Don’t forget to tell mommy about our practices.” Stacey said.
“I won’t, but more than likely you two will come to the ice rink with me, until time for your practice.” Andy replied. They got excited they always loved going to the ice rink with her.
The sprinkles started to come down. “Everyone make sure our belts are fastened. Looks like we are going to be caught in this storm.” She said as she turned on the radio to listen to music.
They drove through town listening to the stereo. Andy stopped at a red light and listened to her sister’s sing along with Brandy. The light turned green, Andy looked both ways before proceeding into the intersection. Nothing was coming from either direction so she slowly began to cross the intersection. She heard one of the girls scream out her name, but she had no time to react, the truck slammed into the passenger side of the car.

“I can’t get her out.” A males voice broke through. Andy was slowly coming to. She heard something like a chainsaw and many different voices. She couldn’t figure out where she was or what had happened. She slowly opened her eyes, and everything was blurry, she started moving.
“She’s coming to.” Someone yelled. “Miss do not move. We are trying to get you out.” The same soothing male voice said to her. She looked around and noticed she was upside down. She was in extreme pain all over, and something warm was running down her face.
She heard faint cries, and realized that it is coming from Belle. But the cries weren’t’ coming from within the car.
“I got it, get me the back board.” She heard metal crunching and the all the sudden a male figure was beside her. “Miss you’re going to be okay. I just need you to be really still and do not move.” He said as he unbuckled her seatbelt. He put something around her neck and slid something behind her back. She cried out in pain.
“I know it hurts. We’re almost there, just stay calm.” He crawled out of the hole and reached back into the car and carefully started pulling her out. Once he got her out three more people came over.
“There’s still one more female in the vehicle” He announced. She heard whispers but could not make out what they were saying, as they put her on the gurney.
A female leaned over her, “Ma’am can you tell me your name?” She asked.
“Andrea…Andrea Jackson.” She heard a couple of gasps.
The female continued. “Alright Andrea, you’re going to be okay. Is there anyone we can call to meet us at the hospital?”
“My mother…she is at work.” Andy struggled on the words. She felt like she was choking on something.
“Okay sweetie we need to know where that is. Where does your mom work?” The woman asked as they started lifting her into the ambulance.
“Hillcrest Hospital. She…chief of surgery.” Andy started gurgling, and everything went black.
The woman ran over to the police officer. “Okay she’s unconscious again, her name is Andrea Jackson, and her mother is the chief of surgery at Hillcrest Memorial.” She took a breath. “Call Hillcrest let them know that is where we are taking her.” She started to run back to towards the ambulance. The officer spoke up, “What about the others?”
“They are going to County.” She yelled as she slammed the ambulance door. The officer looked at the little girl sitting in the ambulance and then backs towards the torn up car, and sighed.

Becky Jackson was making her last rounds of the day. “Okay Mr. Adams everything looks good, and we will prep you for surgery at six o’clock tomorrow morning.” She informed on of her patience. She was explaining the procedure to him and his wife when her name came over the PA, “Dr. Jackson call on 402.” She patted his shoulder, “Now don’t you worry, and try not to give the nurses a hard time.” They all laughed. “Dr. Jackson call on 402.” Came over the PA again.
“Must be important, Doc.” The man said.
“Must be. Now you get some rest, and we’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning.” She walked out of the room and headed towards the nurses station.
“Evening Betty.” She said to the head night shift nurse.
“Evening Dr. Jackson.” Betty started to file that day’s patient record. Becky picked up the phone at the desk and dialed 402.
“This is Dr. Jackson.” Becky said.
“Dr. Jackson this is Officer Bradley. We have an Andrea Jackson on route right now to Hillcrest.” The gentleman said.
“Is she okay?” Becky asked.
“Ma’am all I can tell you is that she was involved in an accident, and she is being transported to Hillcrest.”
“What?!” Becky exclaimed. Betty jumped and ran over next to Becky.
“Is she alright?” Becky asked again, there was a pause, she continued, “ What about Stacey and Belle, are they okay?” Her voice started to become shaky.
“They are being taken to county.” He said.
“I asked if they are okay, not where they are being taken.” She was starting to get agitated at this stupid ass officer on the other end of the phone.
“That’s all I am at liberty to say.” He replied. She sighed.
“Have they left yet, the ambulance to county?” She asked.
“No Ma’am” He coughed. Becky could have jumped through the phone right then and there and strangled the stupid jerk.
“You tell them to bring them here, you hear me. They are to bring all three of them here.” She slammed down the phone. Betty looked up at Dr. Jackson. For the first time in the twenty-five years that they have known each other, this is the first time Betty has ever seen Dr. Jackson so pale and shaking.
“Dr. Jackson, is everything okay?” She asked.
“Betty here’s my husbands office number. Please call and tell him to get here right away.” She started to walk off. “If he is in court, have them interrupt him.” With that Becky ran towards the elevator.

Mark Jackson was about to give his closing arguments when his collogue David ran through the courtroom doors. “I’m sorry to interrupt your honor. But I have an urgent message for Mr. Jackson.” David said.
Mark walked over to David and was handed a yellow piece of paper, once he read it he looked up at the judge. “Sir, I have an emergency, and I need to leave.’ He announced.
‘Mr. Jackson…” The judge starting to reply, but Mark cut him off. “My daughters are being rushed to the hospital.” With that the judge banded with raffle. “Recess until tomorrow. You may go Mr. Jackson. With that Mark was out of the courthouse.

Becky entered the emergency room and she saw the staff prepping the trauma rooms. The Chief of Emergency medicine walked up to her.
“Conner please tell me what in the hell is going on.” She demanded. Conner Smith sighed and scratched his head. It was difficult enough talking to parents he didn’t know but it was even more difficult talking to parents he knew, let alone one of his close friends.
“Becky all we have so far is Andy is unconscious and has very serious external and internal injuries.” He looked up at her, and her sky blue eyes began to tear up.
“How about Stacey and Belle?” She managed to get out.
“We only have that they are in route.” He said.
“Conner that is bullshit. I know you know more than that.” Her voice started to shake. “I want everything, and I mean it.” She demanded.
“Seriously Becky, all I have is that Bell is conscious and talking.” Becky let out a sight of relief. He continued. “They had to use the Jaws of Life to get both Andy and Stacey out, and they both are unconscious.” The tears started rolling down Becky’s cheeks.
“How long until they get here?” She asked.
“Andy will be here in about three minutes, and they, the last that I knew, are still trying to extract Stacey out of the car.” He looked up at her. She was so pale, and it was hard to see a woman who is so normally so calm and in control, almost loose it.
“I want to be in the room when they arrive.” She stated. He shook his head.
“Becky you can watch, but I cannot allow you to be involved.” He sighed again, “You need to be out here with Mark when he arrives.” As soon as he said that, they heard the ambulance speed up to the doors. The swinging doors swung up, and Andy was rushed into the trauma room.
“Oh my God!” She exclaimed.
“We have a young adult female with trauma to the head, chest and lower abdomen. She was conscious for about three minutes.” The paramedic drew in a deep breath, “She started choking on her blood.” The paramedic stopped when she saw the very pale blonde woman in front of her, but she continued. “We had to revive her once on our way here. She responded and has maintain a steady pulse.” She heard Becky gasp.
“Becky you have to stay out here. Andy is in the best of hands, you can not come in.” Conner said.
“Conner you said…” He cut her off, “ Becky no, you’ll just be in the way. I’ll send Samantha out with updates. You wait here for Mark.” With that he disappeared through the doors.
Becky was not used to being on this side of the doors. She paced around the hallway. The paramedic that brought Andy in came out, and Becky stopped her.
“Ma’am please tell me my other two daughters are okay.” She asked the young woman. The woman looked up at her with piercing green eyes.
“Dr. Jackson, I do not know much other than one of the young ones was coherent and sitting up. The other was still trapped in the vehicle as we drove off.”
“Was Andy awake during the extraction?” Becky asked.
“She came to during the process, but quickly loss consciousness shortly after the extraction.” The paramedic stated.
“What exactly happened?” Beck asked.
“Ma’am, I can not honestly tell you all I know is that there was another vehicle involved, but injuries reported from them.” With that she excused herself, as she walked away the second ambulance arrived.
The first gurney brought through the doors was Belle. She was crying, but seemed to be fine. The second is what shocked Becky the most. A paramedic was on his knees on top of Stacey doing chest compressions. “Fifteen, breath. Come on baby, come on.” She heard the man say as they rushed them into another trauma room. As the doors closed beck heard Bell crying and the paramedic saying, “ Come on hone…come on.”
Becky slid down the wall. Everything was becoming a blur. The emergency doors opened up again she looked up and saw her husband Mark standing there.
Mark entered the hospital and as he did he saw his wife sitting on the floor. She had a blank look on her face and tears running down her cheeks. Seeing her made his heart sink. He new it was bad when he saw her in the state she was.
“Becky?” He asked running towards her. She stood up and buried her head into his chest, and just sobbed.
“Mark our babies.” She sobbed. Tears flowed down his cheeks as he held his wife. “What happened?” He chocked out. She shook her head against his chest.
“The only one that is stable is Belle.” She sobbed. One of the trauma doors opened, and as it did they heard, “We’re loosing her! Come on Andy, stay with us.” Mark went numb, as he watched nurses filing in and out of both trauma rooms.
The elevator doors opened up and out stepped a plumb gray haired nurse. She walked down the corridor, as she got closer Mark recognized her it was Betty.
She walked up to him, “Anything?” She asked. He shook his head. She put her hand on Becky’s shoulders.
“Honey is there anyone I can call for you?” She asked. It was so hard for Betty to see Becky in her state; she is normally so calm and collected. Becky just replied with a sob.
“Yes, Betty.” Mark dug inside his suit jacket and removed a little red book. “Can you please call Becky’s parents and sister? Their numbers are in the very front.” He handed the book to her. She nodded and rushed off to the phones. Mark just kept hugging his wife.